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Thursday, September 10, 2009

faux and fun

Shown here is some of the custom painted work that i do. It is so inexpensive, green and an easy upgrade to repaint surfaces in your home, such as kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, used
furniture even countertops!

email me for a consultation at

                                              This is faux granite. It is protected with a heavy polycrylic finish


kid stuff murals

My murals inspired my some of my favorite Golden Books and harkening(is that a word??) back to my old character "Shoebox" days at Hallmark.
The lastest is the Wrigley Field Mural done in the lower level of a baseball enthusiast's home 

karemarko@everestkc.net for pricing

The Vintage Bedrooms

Old stuff goes on in here...you know the old stuff you should be too old to play with or that you had as a kid and now want your own kids to cherish. I think it is fun to decorate with-here it is...

Fun in the Bedroom!

Here is how we have fun in the bedroom. Anyone can do it! Just add a little color and make sure the lighting highlights your best features!...some of the kids rooms that I have recently done...

Happy Halloween-get ready!

hello all and welcome to my world! I love to decorate with vintage finds. Are you like me, constantly decorating and redecorating your home?? Do your friends and family think you are nuerotic?...do i have to spell check?

I want to share my decorating world with a few friends who are interested-so here you go

...and the seasonal decorating has begun