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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This is one of the newest make-over rooms. We went from Shabby Chic pale colors to a nice contrasting black and white. See my notes below on how much this make-over cost. It was an experiment in seeing how much I could buy at one store (Target) to do the entire room!

I LOVE these lamp shades. The design looks gray here, but it is acutally black. I had bought these previously at Target for about $20 each. The great trim is from Hobby Lobby

Vintage dresser and mirror I already had in the room. Vintage hats that belonged to my Aunt

These items were all bought at Target. The bed in a bag was a steal at $60 on sale! The wall decal/clock by Umbra was $24. The wall flowers also by umbra were $20. The large grommet curtains came in a 2 pack set for $20. The black polka dot sheers were $20 each (I bought one can cut down the middle) The pink pillow was $20. The silk pink curtains (not shown in photo) were $20 each. I bought 2.
Below you can see my step-by-step on putting up the wall clock and flowers. 
The total was between $250-300 for all items.

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  1. Hi Karen, Just dropping by to say hello. I just saw the comment you left on my daughter's room on Rate My Space. I wonder why I'm not getting emails through my blog or comments through RMS. Either way, your blog looks great. Looks like you're staying busy :)